A downloadable game for Windows


A submission for the Bring Out Your Dead jam.
That means the game is NOT FINISHED. (and probably never will be)


Help little placeholder eggs find love. Or just kill them all.


(Keyboard / X-Box Controller)
Arrow keys / Left Stick: Move
Spacebar / A-Button: Dig

Also, you can Debug-spray blood with the left mouse button.

Cause of death:

Stump was a game I worked on for about a month back in 2014. It started out with the idea of playing as a thorned plant which has to avoid touching other creatures and hurting them. At some point I decided to cut off the thorns because after having some friends play it, I thought the gameplay was too frustrating. Looking back at it now, I think that's one of the reasons why I lost interest in the project after a while; I traded away the core concept for a less frustrating experience, which sadly was also less meaningful.


stump.zip 2 MB